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At Archadeck of Columbus, we want to make it easy for you to search for the best porch builder in your area. If your home is in the greater Columbus area, Archadeck of Columbus is the best porch builder near you!

Searching for “porch contractors near me”?

Front porch, back porch, open porch, screened porch! No matter what kind of porch you want to add to your home, you’ve come to the right place! Archadeck of Columbus has been designing and building porches for more than 18 years. Whether you’re adding your first porch or replacing one that no longer meets your needs, we have the expertise you’re searching for.


Archadeck of Columbus is more than a porch contractor. We are a high-quality design-and-build firm creating outdoor living spaces of all kinds. When it comes to porches, we do more than just build porches. We custom design all of our porches, one at a time. With Archadeck of Columbus, you’ll have a porch designed just for you, a porch you’ll love for many years to come.

Ask more than “who builds porches near me?”

Ask who will take the time to sit down with you and talk about the reasons you want a new porch. Ask who will walk you through a comprehensive needs analysis to determine what type of porch will best meet your needs. Ask which Columbus-area porch designer is the most client-focused porch designer and builder around. The answer? Archadeck of Columbus, in every case.


The way we arrive at the perfect porch for each client is by getting a thorough understanding of what you want from a porch. Talk with us! Have you been looking at porches online and getting great ideas? Share them with us. How would you describe the porches that most resonate with you? What would your dream porch look like?

Porch companies near me: Building open porches and screened porches

If you already have an open porch, you may want to add a screened porch, or vice versa. At Archadeck of Columbus, we also see the double pleasure of having both an open porch and a screened porch!


Open porches or ”covered porches” have a roof but are not enclosed with screens. Open porches don’t need doors! One reason why open porches work so well on the front of a home is that they present no barrier between you and people passing by. A screen provides a certain degree of privacy, so without screens, you can see your neighbors and they can see you.


In some neighborhoods, the tradition of sitting on the front porch and inviting neighbors to stop by still thrives. You could even say an open front porch is quite neighborly!

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Who does screened in porches? We do!

Our custom screened in porches provide a little more privacy than open porches do. With a screened porch you’ll still feel the delightful breezes. Screens allow you to enjoy the outdoors without having to shoo away any annoying insects. Screens also reduce the amount of rain that’s likely to blow into your porch. If you enjoy sitting outdoors during a gentle rain – while staying dry, of course – you will probably prefer a screened porch.


A screened porch will feel more like an actual “room.” Because the screened space is more protected, homeowners tend to furnish them as they would an indoor room with comfortable chairs and perhaps a dining set. Many of our screened porch clients install a TV on the porch. A small refrigerator will ensure you have snacks close at hand when you’re watching sports … on the TV … on your porch. Score!

Porch installers near me; Screened porch installers near me

When we talk about installing porches, of course, we mean so much more than that. The word installing brings to mind building materials. Your Archadeck of Columbus design consultant will give you all the information you need to make informed choices about high-quality materials for your porch.


All Columbus porches, both open and screened porches, will need floors and ceilings. We’ll walk through the various design options to identify what kinds of materials you prefer.


Porch floors run the gamut from wood or composite decking materials to tile, pavers, or concrete. Are you drawn to colorful materials, low-maintenance floors, patterns and textures, modern or traditional designs? Would your ideal porch have a beadboard ceiling, knotty pine, cedar, open rafters, open gable, or a cathedral ceiling?


We’ll work with you to design the perfect porch for your tastes, your outdoor living style, and the style of your home. Once your friends see your new porch by Archadeck of Columbus, they won’t be searching for porch builders or screened porch builders “near me.” They’ll simply ask who created your new porch so they’ll know who to call, too.

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