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Screen Porches

For over 18 years, Archadeck of Columbus has been building screen porches in the Columbus market. Are you thinking about adding a screen porch to your home? There are so many different options, choices, and considerations. One of the things we enjoy most is walking through these decisions with you. What size porch fits your needs? Do you want a rustic look or a more finished interior look? What are the flooring options and which best suits you? We’ve built hundreds porches, sunrooms and decks in the Columbus market and our consultation is completely free.

Rustic Screen Porch

In Columbus, the rustic screen porch look is very popular. Not only is it cozy and like a mountain cabin hideaway, it’s reminiscent of porches from our youth. Today’s rustic screen porches are not like older screen porches though. Today, our customers often choose pine or cedar tongue-and-groove and select gable roofs with vaulted ceilings and various electrical amenities such as fans, speakers, lights, and other accoutrements.

Combination Rustic and More Formal Screen Porch

Today, there are so many options for every facet of your screen porch. Your flooring can be paver flooring, tile, concrete, wood, composite, or anything else you can think of. This particular screen porch utilizes a great combination of some rustic tongue and groove pine with an elegant floor that’s actually made of pavers even thought it looks like tile. Ahhh, furniture. Today’s furniture choices are so wide ranging, so colorful, and so comfortable! Remember the metal glider with the plastic cushions? Today’s cushions can be performance fabrics like Sunbrella which can be rained on, spilled on, and left outside. Then they can be cleaned up, dried off, and never worse for wear.

Rustic Yet Elegant at the Same Time

Tongue and groove pine is very popular on screened porches. With enclosed rafters, this sunroom has a little bit more of a formal feel.

Elevated Screened Porch in Upper Arlington

The elevated screened porch is on a very steep drop off making it challenging to get to the back yard. We used a spiral staircase down to the yard.

Will a porch addition add value to my home?

Porches have the power to enhance and improve your home in ways nothing else can. Many homeowners thinking about adding a porch may be wondering if a porch will increase the value of your home. Those who’ve already added a porch and are now enjoying it will answer, Yes, it certainly will!

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Adding Natural Light

When you think screen porch, you are probably thinking about lots and lots of natural light. The roof style will have some impact on the amount of light. The gable style roof you see here is very popular. But the height of the gable and design of the windows can also be designed to add lots of natural light to your screened porch.

Think Color

Let color liven up your new screen porch. Today’s outdoor furniture offers design and fabric options that rival the best indoor furniture.

Open Porch Versus Screened Porch

You may be thinking about an open porch instead of a screened porch. Open porches provide the sun and some moisture protection but do not provide the bug protection. Low maintenance materials can be used in your open porch or covered patio to make it incredibly easy to clean.

Add an Outdoor Fireplace

Have you thought about adding a screened porch with an outdoor fireplace? They are very popular with our customers. Not only will an outdoor fireplace allow you to enjoy your screened porch a couple more months of the year, it will add ambiance to your porch and that wonderful crackling sound when enjoying your outdoor room at night.

Elevated Deck

An elevated deck or screen porch creates the perfect opportunity for an open air porch down below. We have a dry roof system that keeps any rain from the area above from coming through the ceiling down below. As you can see these homeowners are free to use electrical such as the light/ceiling fan because this open porch is a dry space.

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