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The Importance of Using a Professional Outdoor Living Space Contractor

How do you know you’ve found the right contractor to build your Columbus OH screened porch, paver patio, deck or other outdoor living structure? When do you know?



Is it during your design consultation? When you realize your builder is more interested in learning your reasons for adding a deck or porch than in collecting your down payment?

Is it when the construction of your screened porch is underway, and you appreciate the company’s professionalism and the crew’s expertise?

Is it when your new deck is completed, and you admire the workmanship and pride that went into every seam, every railing and stair?

Is it when you invite your friends over to enjoy your new paver patio and they rave about the quality of the design and the work?

The best answer is the first one: during your initial design consultation. If you’ve found the right contractor, that’s when you’ll know. If you don’t get that feeling, walk away, and then call Archadeck of Columbus.

Know you’ve found the right contractor before you sign a contract


It seems like everyone with a hammer or nail gun is calling themselves a contractor and offering to build your deck for a low price. Should you trust them? Should you give them your money and hope for the best? Will they design a custom deck tailored specifically for your home and your family’s needs? If something goes wrong with your deck, will you be able to find them again so they can make it right? Would they make it right?

Right now, more than ever, there are a lot of less-than-professional “builders” out there claiming they can start your project tomorrow—and for a cheap price. Our words of caution for you are “buyer beware.”

Many of the contractors popping up today are not pulling the appropriate permits, not using the industry’s best practices, and not working with high-quality materials. Those who quote you the lowest price and the quickest construction timeline are usually skimping on the important facets of your project.


In contrast, from your first meeting with your Archadeck of Columbus design consultant, you’ll know you’re working with true professionals. Our attention to detail and our design expertise are just the beginning. Whether you want a simple wood deck or the ultimate Columbus outdoor living space, you’ll be glad you chose Archadeck.


What differentiates Archadeck of Columbus from the others?

Keep these qualities in mind as you search for someone to design and build your outdoor living structure(s):

  • Professionalism is about more than appearances. It encompasses integrity and good judgment. A professional contractor has a thorough knowledge of building codes, obtains permits when needed, and carries liability insurance and workers comp insurance. A professional also recognizes the importance of clear communication and stellar customer service.


  • Experience includes the number of years a contractor has been building decks and porches, and it’s about more than that, too. It’s about excellent project management skills developed over time and the ability to hire accomplished tradesmen.
  • Customization is a key component of every Archadeck project. We don’t pull your paver patio design off the shelf, we create one that’s unique, designed specifically to meet your needs and to match your home. It will feel more like a collaboration because we involve you in the design phase. From the size and shape of your project to the colors and textures of the materials, we customize everything based on your preferences.


  • Process determines how efficiently the work will proceed and how effectively the construction manager keeps up with all aspects of your project. Planning and monitoring a construction project requires the right tools—and by tools, in this case, we mean checklists! Archadeck’s careful process ensures a successful project from start to finish.
  • Attention to Detail is part of our process, too, and it’s worth mentioning separately because it is so important. Design details make your project unique. Detailed checklists bring all aspects of the job together at the right times. Fine craftsmanship depends on an eye for detail at every point. Detailed follow-up ensures nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Value shines through in our ability to produce reliable structures—from patios, decks and pergolas to porches and 3-season rooms —that enhance our clients’ lives. Structures that will last for many years.


  • Warranty & Protection —We provide three separate warranties with your project. Under Archadeck’s workmanship warranty, we will correct anything that’s not right for one year. Our 5-year structural integrity warranty covers issues like foundations, integrity of framing, roof leaks, etc. And third, our completion guarantee assures our clients their project will be completed, no matter what. If something were to happen to Archadeck of Columbus, another Archadeck location would complete your project according to your contract’s specifications.

Your outdoor living space should enhance your home and your lifestyle. As you can tell, we’ve given a great deal of thought to the way we do business. We work hard to earn your business and to make you proud that you’ve chosen Archadeck of Columbus as your outdoor living contractor.

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